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Going Batty! Scratch art bats are fun and easy to make.

This Halloween kids craft is super simple and cute, with just a few easy steps! The best part: you can make the wings whatever pattern you want!


This is a great craft for little hands. Parents can help with cutting and gluing.



  • Scratch Art Kit: Can be found at Michaels or on Amazon
  • Felt: 1 piece each of green, purple, orange and white. I found a Halloween-themed set of felt at AC Moore.
  • Google Eyes: These can be found in any craft store or in the craft section at Walmart.
  • Glue: Elmer’s school glue or tacky glue works best.
  • Scissors 
  • Toothpicks: These help with applying glue to small parts such as the eyes and fangs.




  1. Using the provided scratch sticks, create a design or pattern on your scratch art paper.
  2. Find and print out some outlines of bats that you like—making sure they will fit on your scratch paper.
  3. Trace and cut out your bat shapes.
  4. Cut out body shape and glue to your wings.
  5. Cut out a head shape and glue to body.
  6. Affix google eyes.
  7. Cut out fangs on white felt and glue to your bat.
  8. Hang your bats on windows or walls, or attach a string and hang them from the ceiling.





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