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Treat Yourself: Pick your own blueberries at Baldwinsville’s Reeves Farms

Reeves Farms

Baldwinsville’s Reeves Farms has a long history – it was founded more than a century ago.

Karin Reeves is part of the fifth generation of her family to work on the farm.

“My ancestors came over here in the late 1800s from England. It was totally different then,” she said. “Not the same type of farm, not the same scale, different mix of things that they grew, but someone from my family has been farming here since the late 1800s.”

Today, Reeves Farms offers u-pick strawberries (June) and blueberries (July-early August). You can also purchase them at its farm stand on Route 370, along with a variety of vegetables, including squash, peppers, tomatoes and sweet corn (Reeves said it is one of their top-sellers and it will be available in mid-July).

“One thing that I don’t think that many people know about is we let people buy a whole case of corn or a whole bushel of peppers, so bulk buying, at a little bit of a discount,” said Reeves. “Especially in the fall, people might want butternut squash for the whole winter. Things like that.”

Start at the farm stand – they will provide you with a bucket for picking – then take the short walk to the blueberry field. Reeves Farms’ blueberries are organic, and unlike strawberries, you can stand up as you pick. When you’re done, head back to the farm stand and pay for your blueberries, by the pound (but keep in mind, only cash and checks are accepted).

And if this is your first time picking blueberries, Reeves has a few tips.

“You’re going to be out in the sun, so bring sunscreen and a hat,” she said. “Some sneakers or closed-toe shoes are probably best, especially if it rained the day before. I tell everybody, call before you come, just in case. You can ask, ‘How’s the picking?’ ‘Should I come now?’ Blueberries will hold very well on the bush even if you don’t pick them, so there’s less urgency to come out at the beginning of the season. And 90% of people, when they go to pick somewhere, they get out of their car and start picking at the edge of the field. That’s what everybody does, so there are no berries there. The best thing you can do is go as far away from the parking area as you can.”

If You Go
Reeves Farms
Where: ​
1220 W. Genesee Road, Baldwinsville.
Hours: Monday-Saturday from 9 a.m.-7 p.m. and Sunday from 9 a.m.-5 p.m.
More information: (315) 635-3357.

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