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DIY Halloween: Conjure your own spooky glow lanterns.


October is the perfect time of year to create some home-made, DIY Halloween decorations. And what’s better than a spooky glow lantern! You can make your own with affordable supplies and just a few easy steps.


  • One bag of cotton balls
  • One package of spider rings or fake spiders, snakes or anything spooky you find in the Halloween section of your local store. 
  • Mason jars
  • One package of glow sticks



  • Start by dropping a few cotton balls into the bottom of the mason jar.
  • Bend and crack your glow stick to turn it on. Place it in the middle of the jar, using more cotton balls to prop it upright.
  • Add spooky decorations — like fake rubber bats, snakes or spiders — near the sides of the jar as you continue to fill it with cotton balls.
  • Pause every so often to turn off the lights to check your design!
  • Seal the jar and add your own final details, like ribbons or colorful, creepy toppers!


  • The more space you leave in between the cotton balls, the brighter the glow and the more color you will see from your glow stick of choice.
  • I experimented with some glow bracelets to see how they would work. I ended up bunching three to four of them together and wound up with a nice effect. I do think that the traditional glow stick works much better.
  • Once you’ve cracked them and started the chemical reaction, glow sticks last from a few hours to a few days. However, you can put your glow stick in the freezer overnight, and remove it, crack it and shake it, and you will get it to glow again.


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