Over the past few years, celebrities like Billie Eilish, Taylor Swift, and Cara Delavigne have experienced home robberies and break-ins. Many celebrities equip their homes with extensive security technologies to prevent incidents like this from occurring.

So, how much does it cost to set up a celebrity-approved home security system? Let’s explore why home security is as important for celebrities as it is for us non-celebs, and how much the components of a celebrity home security system cost.

Top Celebrity Home Security Essentials

Celebrities require complete coverage for home security, as they are high-profile and wealthy, which makes them opportune targets for home invasion and robbery. Here are some of the technologies you can expect to see in a celebrity home security plan.

Access Control

Access control is an essential feature for celebrity homes, as there will be many staff members and residents coming and going each day, and it’s important to ensure everyone is authorized to enter the property.

One of the most popular solutions for celebrity homes is cloud-based access control with mobile credentials. Here are some of the advantages of using a cloud-based system vs. a traditional on-premise solution for home security:

  • Wireless connection: Typical home security systems require complex wiring structures to connect door locks to servers. However, a cloud-based security system uses remote wireless communication to feed information to an online server.
  • Accessibility: System administrators, security staff, and homeowners can view access control logs and remotely unlock doors from anywhere using a mobile application or web-based security platform. 
  • Integration potential: Cloud-based security systems allow security installers to create a unified and integrated platform where all security data (including security camera information) can be managed and viewed in one place. There is also the potential to expand the function of the security tool by implementing software integrations like AI.

Using mobile credentials instead of keycards and fobs has additional benefits:

  • Easy management: System administrators can grant and revoke access for users instantly using a mobile application, making management smoother, quicker, and easier. 
  • Touchless entry: To make daily building use more hygienic, mobile access control systems use a touchless entry method. To enter the building, a person need only wave their hand over the access control reader, triggering remote communication with their mobile device to unlock the door without looking in their bags or rummaging in their pockets to retrieve their phone.

Security Cameras

Security cameras are a staple in any security strategy for two reasons: first, they can detect security threats on the property and take action quickly with immediate security response. Second, they allow for the documentation of crimes on the property, which may prove useful in a security investigation or insurance claim.

In an advanced home security system, you can expect to see cloud-based security cameras with thermal imaging. Cloud-based security cameras allow you to check home security cameras from anywhere. There is also the potential for AI integration to automate threat detection based on behavioral and object recognition.

Gate Security

Most celebrities live in gated communities or private rural properties protected with a gate security system. There is typically an intercom system at the gate, allowing the visitor to communicate with the property’s staff or homeowner, who can then permit entry after verifying the visitor.

Alarm Systems

All residential properties should be fitted with adequate fire and carbon monoxide detectors. However, most celebrity homes also have gunshot and glass break sensors to trigger alarms based on potential intrusion attempts.

How Much Do Celebrities Spend on Home Security?

Many celebrities choose to hire security staff in addition to employing state-of-the-art home security technology. They require protection and security experts who can easily dissolve threats. 

For this reason, the average high-earning celebrity (such as Kim Kardashian) would spend around $3 million on security annually, which includes salaries for hired security professionals. Of course, the average homeowner would spend a significant fraction less, and without security staff, there would only be a single payment to fund the installation of security technology.


Celebrities have their addresses leaked to fans and potential burglars regularly, and their high-profile status makes them particularly vulnerable to security threats. This is why they require an extensive security budget, ensuring they can feel safe in their primary residence. However, many of the security technologies listed above are affordable for ordinary domestic residents. Consider whether you would benefit from installing a home security system.

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