1.What is your teaching background and where are you teaching now?

I live in Camillus with my three kids and husband, who is also a teacher. This will be my 21st year teaching! I currently teach second grade at the Onondaga Nation School, where I have also taught kindergarten and first grade.

2. Did you implement any new strategies during COVID-19 that you will keep moving forward?

COVID has definitely been a trying time for my school, and for the Onondaga Nation in general. Both teachers and students have learned to adapt to online learning, as we were 100% virtual for the entire last school year. I have become proficient in several technological techniques, programs, and strategies that I was not aware of before COVID. This has enabled me to use these different approaches currently with in-person learning.

 3. What is the most challenging part of teaching and how do you overcome it?

I absolutely LOVE teaching and being surrounded by little ones every day. One thing that I find challenging is constantly worrying about my students. I try my very best every day to not only educate the kids, but to ensure that they feel safe and happy. Sometimes it is hard to separate that worry when I go home to be with my own family.

4. What advice would you give new teachers entering the field?

My advice that I would give new teachers is that with all of the chaos happening in the world, continue to strive to do your very best. Be patient, productive, kind and accepting to the kids.

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