Assemble your materials — many of which you probably already have on hand — to make a craft that can be creative and fun for all ages. Embrace the learning and the mess! But also be prepared with plenty of paper towels (or rags) for drying your snowflakes and wiping away drips.



White Coffee Filters

Washable Markers

• Spray Bottle with Water

Paper Straws

Wagon Wheel Pasta

White Paint


Paper Towels




  1. Color your coffee filters with your washable markers. My daughter Everly and I discovered that the more area you cover with the markers, the more colorful they turn out when sprayed with water.
  2. Spray your colored coffee filters with water. You only need to spray a little bit. The more water you spray, the less color will stay on the coffee filter. (A clean kitchen sink can be a good place to do the spraying.) Lay coffee filters flat to dry on paper towels.
  3. While your coffee filters are drying, paint the wagon wheel pasta shapes white. We used acrylic paint and set them aside to dry.
  4. Once your coffee filters and pasta are completely dry, lay your snowflakes out. Take some time to decide how you want your snowflake designs to look before gluing them in place with white school glue.
  5. Hang them up in the windows or from the ceiling to create a wintery scene.




Natalie Davis is an artist and educator teaching enrichment in the Syracuse City School District. She lives with her family in Jordan.

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