With the holidays right around the corner, you may be feeling a little stressed. A visit to Bodymind Float Center will calm your body – and your mind.

Two Rochester musicians – David Brickman and his wife, Pattie – opened Bodymind Float Center in 2013. Four
years later, in 2017, the couple added a second location on Erie Boulevard in Syracuse, which features three tanks and a pool. I am not particularly fond of enclosed spaces, so I chose the latter option for my float. Each contains about 10 inches of water and 800 pounds of Epsom salt, allowing guests to float effortlessly.

Assistant Manager Hannah Teter said the benefits of floating are numerous.

“Physically, floating is really good for your body overall,” she said. “There is no gravity on your body. It takes the pressure off your joints and lets your muscles relax everywhere. It’s a good reset for your brain too because there is no stimulation, which never re- ally happens. It really helps with things like fibromyalgia and body pain. People seem to find a lot of relief with that. If you’re recovering from an injury, floating really helps to speed up the recovery process. And it’s good for mental health too, overall relaxation and stress relief. That’s a big one, I would say.”

I recently sprained both my ankles (yes, you read that correctly), so I was curious to see if floating would offer any relief. It did.

I floated for about an hour. After I rinsed off and grabbed a neck pillow, I began my float. It took a few minutes to quiet my mind, but once I did, I enjoyed the feeling of being weightless. I’ve never experienced anything like it. All of my stresses melted away, and I left the tank with my mind (and muscles) feeling relaxed.

If this is your first time floating – like it was for me – Teter has a few tips.

“Be open to what is going to happen in there,” she said. “Try not to have too many expectations. A lot of people are nervous because it’s nothing like you’ve ever experienced before. I tell a lot of people to try to come back to your breath. If your mind is all over the place, just let it go. Sometimes the float is a learning experience. I tell people to give it another try because the second and third floats I think are awesome.”

For more information, and to make a reservation, visit floatsyracuse.com.

Please note: Due to COVID-19, masks are required in all public areas. Bodymind Float Center also requests that guests fill out their waiver form online prior to their float, and watch the orientation video.


Bodymind Float Center
Location: 2949 Erie Blvd E., Syracuse.
Hours: Thursday – Monday from 10:30 a.m. – 7:30 p.m.
More information: (315) 992-8656. floatsyracuse.com.


Courtney Kless is the Editor in Chief of Family Times. Courtney is originally from Maryland. She earned her Master’s degree in Magazine, Newspaper and Online Journalism from Syracuse University. Courtney began her career as a sports journalist, then spent several years working in higher education, before joining the company in August 2019. She enjoys traveling, reading and hiking, and recently adopted a Labrador Retriever, Bailey.

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