Score the best gifts for your kids and toddlers at the lowest prices with Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for 2023.

Welcome to the Family Times CNY ultimate guide to Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for toddlers and children! After Thanksgiving the eyes of parents and caregivers around the globe turn to Christmas and Hannukah, as the Friday after Thanksgiving, Black Friday, and the Monday after Thanksgiving, Cyber Monday have become the unofficial kickoff to the Holiday Gift-Giving Season.

The December Issue of Family Times CNY will feature our annual Central New York Local Gift-Giving guide but for those Parents, Caregivers, and even Mr. and Mrs. Clauses, looking to do their Black Friday and Cyber Monday purchasing from the comfort of their couches, Family Times CNY has compiled the following list of the best bargains to make their little ones’ dreams come true without breaking the bank. We’ve scoured the internet to curate a carefully selected list of the most exciting discounts and offers on kids and toddler toys, tech, accessories, and more,

And the best news is that you don’t even have to wait for Black Friday or Cyber Monday to start saving money on the best kids and toddler toys. These deals are live now! Whether you’re shopping for the perfect gift, upgrading your child’s essentials, or simply looking for unbeatable deals, we’ve got you covered. Join us as we unveil the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals that will put a smile on every toddler’s and child’s face, while also keeping your budget in check. Don’t miss out on these incredible opportunities to make this holiday season truly magical for your little ones! So, scroll through this list of great deals, helpful hints, and best discounts to see gifts from the top brands in kids and toddler toys, and bookmark this page, as we will continue to add more deals as we come across them, for Black Friday, Cyber Monday and beyond, right up until the holidays.

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Best Amazon Black Friday Deals for Kids and Toddlers

Shop all of Amazon’s Black Friday Today Deals for Kids and Toddlers here.

By far the best place to find the best deals for kids toys is on Amazon. Amazon is already running an Early Black Friday sale site-wide with a huge selection of discounted kids toys and toddler accessories. Along with its Prime Day Sale, Amazon’s Black Friday and Cyber Monday sales have traditionally been the best deals for kids and toddler toys all year. So, whether you’re looking for stocking stuffers or the “big gifts” Amazon has you covered this Black Friday.

Amazon Deals on Top Toy Brand Melissa & Doug

Melissa & Doug’s immensely popular Shopping Cart for Kids Ages 3+

Parents of toddlers will no doubt already be familiar with Melissa & Doug. But Aunts, Uncles and even Santa Clause himself should make themselves familiar with the beloved kids toy brand. This year, the top toy brand is running deals on Amazon’s Early Black Friday sale of more than 50% off. If you have a toddler in your life, jump on these deals pronto.

Amazon Deals on Beloved Mattel Toys for Kids and Toddlers

Celebrate 100 Years of Disney with Mattel Disney Toys, including this Collector Cinderella Doll

Mattel has been a brand synonymous with kids and toddler toys since 1945. With top brands including Barbie, Disney, Hot Wheels, Fisher-Price, Pokemon, Star Wars, WWE, as well as its own signature games and toys, kids and toddlers of all ages will go wild this Holiday Season. And because you took advantage of these amazing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals, you can smile right along-side them.

Best Amazon Deals on Kids Tech and Other Electronics

Amazon Fire 7 Kids Tablet is perfect for kids Age 3-7, with ad-free content and parental controls built right in.most enticing discounts.

As kids and parents live in an increasingly digital world, this holiday season is sure to be replete with video games and other electronics. Even the most “screen time” conscious parents and caretakers may find themselves having to give in this Black Friday. As the holiday season approaches, tech-savvy youngsters and their parents are in for a treat. From immersive video game experiences to cutting-edge gadgets, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the most enticing discounts on kids tech this Black Friday and Cyber Monday.


Best Amazon Deals on Kids Magnet Toys

Magnetic tiles stimulate creativity as children design and build various structures, encouraging out-of-the-box thinking and imaginative play.

Get ready for an exciting Black Friday and Cyber Monday extravaganza as we explore the best deals on magnet toys for kids and toddlers. With the holiday season rapidly approaching, it’s the ideal time to discover the magic of magnet toys. From vibrant building blocks to captivating puzzle sets, we’ve scoured the market to bring you the most enticing Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals on these educational and endlessly entertaining toys. Magnet toys not only stimulate creativity and problem-solving skills but also provide hours of screen-free fun. Join us on this magnetic journey as we reveal the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday offers, ensuring your little ones experience the joy of learning through play in a magnetic way.

Amazon Top Picks for Kids Ages 3 to 5

Unlock the magic of Black Friday deals for preschool-aged toddlers and create enchanting moments on a budget.

Discover the perfect kids’ gift deals this Black Friday and Cyber Monday for your little ones aged 3-5. As the holiday season draws near, it’s time to dive into a world of exciting discounts and offers tailored to delight and engage your preschool-aged children. From educational toys to imaginative playsets, we’ve scoured the market to present you with a curated list of the top Black Friday and Cyber Monday gifts for kids aged 3-5.

Amazon Top Picks for Kids Ages 6 to 8

Unwrap savings and joy this Black Friday with incredible deals on gifts for elementary aged kids.

As we delve deeper into the heart of Black Friday and Cyber Monday, our focus shifts to the age group that encompasses the energetic and imaginative kids aged 6-8. These formative years are filled with curiosity, creativity, and a desire for exploration, making it all the more essential to choose gifts that nurture their development and spark their excitement. Whether you’re shopping for a budding scientist, a young artist, or an adventurer in the making, stay tuned as we unveil the best Black Friday and Cyber Monday gift ideas that will captivate the hearts and minds of kids aged 6-8, ensuring their holiday season is filled with wonder and joy.

We hope this comprehensive guide has been a valuable resource in helping you navigate the exciting world of Black Friday and Cyber Monday deals for toddlers and children. The holiday season is a time of joy, and by taking advantage of these fantastic discounts, you can bring even more happiness to your little ones without emptying your wallet.

As you prepare for the festivities and gift-giving, we encourage you to stay safe and shop responsibly, both online and in-store. Keep an eye on this space for the latest updates and exclusive offers, and may your Black Friday and Cyber Monday shopping be filled with delightful surprises for your toddlers and children.

Stay tuned from now through Black Friday and Cyber Monday and even as we get closer to the holidays for up-to-the-minute deals on kids and toddler toys this year. And if you find other great deals on kids and toddler toys, please email them to us today so that we can update the page for others shopping for kids and toddlers this holiday season.

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