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Onward! The future is now

When Family Times first arrived in Central New York, in May 2002, it was the new kid on the block.

The magazine grew and changed, and so did its staff. In September 2006, my predecessor, Tina Schwab, left the editor’s post and I took over. (And when I had my second son, in 2008, Tina did me a huge favor and stepped back in for three months so I could take time off.)

It’s been a fascinating 13 years as editor. I’ve put my sons on the magazine’s cover—one son once, and one son twice. I’ve put coworkers’ children on the cover, and I’ve put scores of other Central New Yorkers’ kids on the cover. (There have also been cover animals: a calf, three dogs and a hen. The pets covers have been some of my favorites!)

I’ve aimed for diversity, seeking out families of color, disabled young people, religious minorities, and gay families to feature in the magazine. My reporters and I have tackled numerous pressing topics: the HPV vaccine, infertility, unsporting conduct in youth athletics, options for deaf children in school, and the local shortage of daycare spots, among many others.

Putting Family Times out each month requires a team: artists, photographers, advertising salespeople, administrators, freelance writers, fellow editors, delivery drivers, advertisers, and a publisher. We also need readers: parents (and some children) to pick up the magazine, immerse themselves in the articles, peruse the calendar listings, and notice the advertisements that support the magazine.

I’ve enjoyed pulling everyone together to make a beautiful, readable, entertaining and informative magazine. But the universe is telling me that it’s time to do something different.

And my chance for change means the magazine gets a change, too. The next editor in chief of Family Times will be Courtney Kless. I wish her a long and lively tenure at the helm of the most fun magazine in Central New York.

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